Otoplasty Cosmetic Ear Surgery



You may want to know what really happens during this procedure. In short, the surgeon administers medication to stop you from feeling any pain during surgery. Afterwards, he makes an incision (usually on the back side of the ear). When it comes to correcting protruding ears, special techniques are employed to create or expand the antihelical fold and reduce the patient’s conchal cartilage. Using external stitches, Dr. Bittar will close the incision. He will offer you a comprehensive set of instructions that should be followed after your cosmetic plastic surgery to favor a fast, trouble-free recovery.

Most people who elect to pursue otoplasty want to know what to expect from this surgical procedure. Results may vary a great deal, based on the patients’ real needs and the desired level of change. Individuals who have decided to correct their protruding ears via surgery get to witness immediate positive results. The final effects of extensive reconstruction may appear gradually, in different stages, over a larger period of time. Since the ears are re-positioned closer to the patient’s head, the scars are not very visible. Moreover, in most cases, surgical scars are conveniently camouflaged by the creases of the patient’s ear.

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It is very important to follow your doctor’s indications before and after the surgery. Bandages should be kept in place at all times, even if your skin feels itchy under them. Pain and discomfort could be kept under control by taking pain medication prescribed by your doctor. Those who fail to comply with the surgeon’s recommendations take on bigger risks. Failure to follow the doctor’s set of instruction could lead to complications requiring a new intervention.

If you live in Austin and want to witness life-changing results, you will need to work with one of the best surgeons in the area. Don’t postpone a simple intervention that could restore your trust and improve your appearance. Contact the skilled surgeons from Beau Visage Center and get ready to contemplate flawless ears while looking in the mirror.