austin-eyelid-surgeryDid you know that the simplest changes implemented via cosmetic surgery can wipe many years off your face and give you the chance to improve your appearance in no time? If you are tired of creams, potions, and other non-surgical remedies that fail to provide the desirable results for your eyelid puffiness, now is the best time to follow a different approach. Opt for a blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery performed by Austin’s experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony R. Bittar, at the Beau Visage Center.



If you are constantly bothered by an aesthetic problem, you know just how important it is to put an end to it in a timely fashion. Often, upper and lower eyelid puffiness is simply an inherited facial feature that runs in the family. For others, eyelid puffiness and under-eye bags don’t begin to form until later in life.

As we get older, the thinning of the membrane (known as the “septum”) can cause fatty tissue to push forward and fill in spaces below the eye. This gives the appearance of bags or bulges beneath the eye, making you look constantly tired. This can be corrected through a simple under-eye surgery, known as lower blepharoplasty. During this procedure, excess fat is removed from beneath the eye, restoring a smooth and taut appearance to the lower eyelids.

On the other hand, many of our Austin eyelid surgery patients come to us frustrated by drooping upper eyelids that are making them look sad or angry all the time. This problem can easily be fixed via an upper blepharoplasty procedure (sometimes referred to as eyelid lift surgery or simply an eye lift).


You shouldn’t feel intimidated by eyelid surgery. This can be an important first step in the right direction toward a healthier, younger-looking face. If you want to turn back the clock, blepharoplasty can be one of your greatest allies. An eye lift can be performed in a couple of hours if both eyelids (lower and upper) are done at the same time. Patients are sedated during the procedure, so you won’t even feel it.

By following the lines of your eyelid, Dr. Bittar manages to make small, precise incisions and eliminate excess muscle, tissue, or fat. Using tiny stitches, he will close the small-scale cuts. Stitches can be removed after approximately 6 days. In some cases, the lower lids may not require any stitches, but this depends a great deal on the technique employed by our facial plastic surgeon and the particularities of each case.

Blepharoplasty complications are very uncommon and eyelid surgery recovery time is quite minimal. Swelling and bruising are perfectly normal but should dissipate within the first week after the surgery. After one or two weeks, your eyelids should look better than ever. Eyelid surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as laser skin resurfacing to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and various other irregularities of the skin.


Because one of the first signs of aging occurs in the eye area, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men. It’s important to note that there are differences when performing an eye lift for men vs. women. A qualified Austin facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Bittar has experience working on the unique facial structures of male patients. Key differences include eyebrow structure, face muscles, and the skin itself.

As with any eyelid procedure, your surgeon can operate on either the upper or lower eyelids, or both. Reach out to Dr. Bittar’s office to discuss your specific concerns, and he will come up with a plan to fit your unique situation.

Upper Eye Lift – a tiny incision is made in the fold of the upper eyelid to allow for the removal of excess skin and fat. If necessary, to provide more contour to the eye area, fat can also be added back into parts of the eyelid.

Lower Eye Lift – a small incision is made in the lower eyelid to remove the excess fat that causes a droopy appearance. This also allows the skin to be tightened, creating a smoother appearance.

After your eyelid surgery, prioritizing your recovery is crucial. To reduce excess swelling or bruising, keep your head elevated. We may also recommend eye drops/ointment and cold compresses during the recovery process. Most people can return to work about a week following the procedure, after their sutures have been removed.


Don’t make any kind of compromises when your beauty and your health are at stake! A successful eyelid surgery will enable you to eliminate the minor flaws that have been bothering you for quite some time and help you see the world through new eyes. Blepharoplasty is an extremely delicate procedure that requires masterful technique, precision, and care on the part of the surgeon. Dr. Anthony Bittar’s comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and heightened sense of aesthetics allow him to blend art and science to create stunning facial refinements.


To obtain positive, long-lasting results, you need to count on the skills, expertise, and world-class services offered by Dr. Anthony Bittar and his professional staff. At your initial consultation, Dr. Bittar will perform a thorough examination of your eyelid structure and discuss your aesthetic goals. He will let you know what to expect before, during, and after your procedure, and answer any blepharoplasty questions that you may have. If you would like to know if you’re a good fit for an eyelid surgery procedure, contact Beau Visage Center by calling (512) 448-4422 or filling out our online form.