Kybella Injections

Austin Kybella InjectionsReduce a Double Chin with Kybella Injections

If you’re looking for a non-surgical method to reduce the appearance of a double chin, then you may be a candidate for Kybella Injections. Kybella, also known as keoxycholic acid, is a substance that’s designed to help the body absorb fats by eliminating fat cells at the injection points.  Kybella Injections are approved by the FDA to “melt” double chins, and can greatly improve the appearance of fat under your chin.

How Are Kybella Injections Given?

Kybella injections must be administered by a qualified plastic surgeon, like our leading facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Bittar.  Up to 50 injections can be administered during one Kybella session, and these are done under the chin, right where your double chin is visible in order to dissolve the fat that is present. Most patients require multiple sessions for the best results, and treatment with Kybella to reduce chin fat must be completed with a minimum of one-month intervals between each session.

Am I Eligible For Kybella Double Chin Treatment?

This non-surgical option for double chin removal is considered a safe alternative to neck plastic surgery for chin fat reduction and other cosmetic procedures that target this common problem area.


It’s essential that you inform your Austin facial plastic surgeon if you’ve had surgery or other cosmetic treatments around your face, chin or neck. Or if you’ve been experiencing trouble swallowing, have a history of thyroid disorder, have swollen lymph glands, or if you have a bleeding or clotting disorder. Your doctor can then assess whether this is a safe option for you, or suggest suitable alternatives. However, patients that do not have a history of these symptoms should be eligible for Kybella double chin treatment.


Learn More About Kybella Injections

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