Eye Lift Procedures for Men

Eyelid Surgery for Men in AustinOne of the first signs of aging for men occurs in the eye area. Men can develop wrinkles, puffiness around the eye, and droopy eyelids that can make them appear older while creating a tired look. As a result, eye lift procedures are among the most popular cosmetic procedures for men. Eyelid surgery – also called a blepharoplasty – is a popular procedure with female patients as well, but there are some key differences with how they are performed on men versus women. It’s essential to find a qualified facial plastic surgeon that has experience working on the unique facial structures of male patients.

When you come for a consultation at the Beau Visage Offices for a male eye lift procedure, be clear about the specific aspects of your appearance that you’re unhappy with. There are a number of techniques that can be used on both the upper and lower eyelids.

Why Is an Eye Lift Different For Men?

There are a number of factors that make a blepharoplasty different for men than for women. Including the fact that men have a different eyebrow structure than women do, which must be taken into consideration when the cosmetic surgery procedure is performed. The face muscles in men also tend to be more dense, and the skin itself can differ.

What’s Involved With a Male Eye Lift Procedure?

Cosmetic procedures can be completed on either the upper of lower eyelids, or both.

Upper Eye Lift – a tiny incision is made in the fold of the upper eye lid to allow for the removal of excess skin and fat. If necessary, to provide more contour to the eye area, fat can also be added back into parts of the eyelid.

Lower Eye Lift – a small incision is made in the lower eye lid to remove the excess fat that causes a droopy appearance. This also allows the skin to be tightened, creating a smoother appearance.

Recovering From a Blepharoplasty for Men

Sutures will be applied at the incision point, and in order to reduce the likelihood that any swelling or bruising will occur during the eye lift recovery period, it’s important for patients to keep their heads elevated. Eye drops/ointment and cold compresses may also be recommended to help with the recovery process. Most men find that they can return to work about a week following the procedure, once the sutures have been removed.

Learn More About Eye Lift Surgery

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